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Something special? Get a taste of life in the sea of new flavors? Want to enjoy every moment of a trip? Stay with us the sea! What we offer our offshore boat?

Bright mornings? In yet another perfect day in the morning from a wonderful new destination discovery. Breakfast on the deck enjoying the sunshine, take part in a morning aerobics class or start your day with a refreshing massage.

Perfect by day? What could be better than being away from your daily worries, and sail the seas of Earth's finest? New day new destinations to explore: to participate in the organized shore excursions or if you are an advocate of individual programs, explore your family, friends, the anchor point of the main sights, close to the heart of fabulous landscapes visited. The days at sea is also plenty of entertainment and recreational facilities: relax, sunbathe by the pool, fill your day with an active fitness programs to select from among the or visit the floating city's duty-free shops, where the jewels into the evening dresses find everything.

Extraordinary evenings? A glass of champagne before dinner in the elegant, walking in the starlit deck with magnificent show on the theater ... and the evening was still not over: the intimate music bars attract guests and those who want to dance disco awaits the adventurous and casino players can try their luck.

Peaceful nights? four-and five-star floating hotels will also ensure that you are also the most convenient way to spend the night. Choose.