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The Everything but the kitchen sink pacaking list

27/12/2010 22:26


The most often asked question on any cruise message board has to be this: What should I pack?  Well, here's your answer.  If it's not on this list, you don't need it. One note here before you start reading this epic packing list: In reality no one really packs ALL this stuff, not even me.  The list is intended to be a guide.  Copy the list, delete the items that you know you will never use, then print and pack. I’ll start with a bit of obvious advice, but it’s worth highlighting.  While traveling always keep these essentials on your person or in your closely guarded: 


___ Identification documents (passport, birth certificates, visas, and proof of inoculations where needed, etc.)

___ Your itinerary and all cruise, airline, insurance, hotel and rental car confirmation numbers and documentation.

___ Jewelry and valuables

___ Name and contact information of your travel agent, in case there is a problem with the booking.

___ Prescription medications

___ Wallet

___ Directions from airport to hotel, to pier, etc. 


As much as possible, limit wallet to necessary contents:

___ Money

___ Traveler's checks

___ Credit cards – at least two, in case there is a problem with one

___ Driver's license - even if you intend to use a passport as your ID. You may need to drive a rental car or a vehicle on excursions

___ Driver's insurance card

___ AAA card, especially if you have booked your hotel room through AAA

___ Health insurance, dental, prescription cards, 

___ Phone cards

___ Used gift card, magnetic strip type. (Use to access the cabin safe.)

___ Past passenger card (for those on-board bookings.)


___ Suitcase keys, if you use locks

___ GPS (if driving to the pier or during your pre-cruise stay)

___ Gum for flight

___ Ear plugs, (Ear Planes)

___ Cruise line luggage tags

___ Reading material (books, magazines, Kindle)

___ Spare contact lens

___ Glasses - prescription / reading / sun

___ Make-up case - The items in this case are expensive and difficult to replace while on vacation, so this counts as a valuable item.

___ A copy of your complete final packing list. Also leave a copy at home to use for insurance claim purposes should your bag, unfortunately go on its’ own, permanent vacation.

___ A descriptive list of all luggage pieces you’ll bring, stating size, color, brand and style of each bag. (If one bag doesn’t show up on arrival, locating it again will be easier if you can describe the missing bag to the airline, in specific terms:

       (Ex: Samsonite brand, 30” green floral, duffle, w/ black handles)

___ Return address labels.  Use these whenever you have to fill out anything, like vour color coded baggage claim suitcase labels at the end of the cruise.  Also stick them on your  disposable cameras and the non-disposable kind too. Actually stick them on anything that you hope will find its' way back to you,should you lose it.

___ Postage stamps sending for post cards. (Although you will need to use local postage in most ports. Local postage stamps can usually be purchased at the purser's desk.

___ Small address/phone number book or list (to address postcards, or for emergency phone calls)

___ Personal/business cards - to exchange phone numbers with fellow passengers

___ Music- tape, disk or mp3 player, ear phones, CD's w/ batteries, etc.

___ Cell phone, in easy access pocket, ready to remove for the security check.

___ Cell phone charger

___ Small notebook, for notes to use later when writing your trip review.

___ Small calculator

___ Pencil, pens

___ Magic marker

___ Highlighter - to mark items of interest on the ship's daily activity paper

___ Your one quart-size zip-top clear plastic bag as allowed by the TSA containing any liquid or gel type items, packed in an easy to access part of bag, ready to remove for security check. (Remember that some items from your make-up case will need to be put in here.)

___ A pouch, with all usual purse contents (Kleenex, comb, Tums, hand sanitizer, wet ones, etc.)

___ Mini stapler, for attaching the new do-it-yourself luggage tags, while at the airport or at your hotel

___ Inflatable travel pillow

___ Foreign language dictionary

___ Birth control of choice (You definitely don't want this item in the checked bag that fails to show up at baggage claim.)

 Also include: (in carry-on if possible, or in a Camera bag as second carry on):Hint – use a separate memory chip for each port or each day of your cruise.  The cards are cheap and essentially take up no space. By using a separate one each day, you avoid accidentally losing the entire vacation’s photos with the loss, damage, or inadvertent re-use of one chip.

___ camera

___ extra memory chips for your digital camera

___ film in lead lined bag

___ camcorder, and cassettes if not digital

___ batteries

___ chargers

___ other necessary camera accessories, lens, etc.

 And if it will fit in the carryon:

___ Laptop computer

___ Ethernet cable (some newer ships have wireless access available)

___ All appropriate batteries, chargers and cords

Note: You’ll want to avoid carrying your purse, camera bag or laptop separately, if at all possible, for two reasons. First, the fewer items you need to keep track of whiletraveling, the less the chance of something being lost or stolen.  And secondly, sometimes only one single carry-on item is permitted on the plane.Note: You'll want to avoid carrying your purse, camera bag or laptop separately, if at all possible, for two reasons. First, the fewer items you need to keep track of while traveling, the less the chance of something being lost or stolen. And secondly, sometimes only one single cary-on item is permitted on the plane. While most airline baggage rules state that one small personal article such as a briefcase, purse, small laptop computer, camera case is permitted in addition to your carryon bag, passengers have on occasion, been allowed only one single item to be carried onto the plane. As a case in point: On a recent flight, I was forced to choose between my purse and my carry on.                                  

HIS CLOTHES - numbers vary with length of trip:

 ___ Tees

___ Shorts

___ Casual long pants (i.e. khaki's)

___ Collared casual shirts, or polo shirts

___ A Caribbean styled shirt for Caribbean night

___ Formal shirts

___ Cuff links

___ Suits (jacket and pants)

___ Tuxedo, cummerbund, bow tie, shirt button studs, suspenders, etc.

___ Sport jacket & dress pants (if your ship does a semi-formal night)

___ Belts

___ Ties

___ Tie clip/tack/bar/chain etc.

___ Underwear

___ Sleepwear

___ Robe - (If your cabin level does not provide robes or if "one size" will not fit.)

___ Swimsuits

___ Workout wear (for use in the onboard gym.)

___ Light jacket

___ Sandals

___ Shoes

___ Socks

___ Water shoes - if planning to climb Dunn's River Falls, or similar excursion.

 If cruising to Alaska or other cold weather destination:

 ___ Cold weather coat

___ Hat

___ Gloves

___ Sweaters and

___ Sweat shirts for layering.


___ Soap (only if you prefer your own brand)

___ Toothpaste

___ Toothbrush

___ Shampoo (only if you prefer your own brand)

___ Deodorant

___ Dental floss

___ Razor

___ Shave cream

___ Styptic pencil

___ After shave

___ Hair spray

___ Hair styling product (mousse, gel, pomade, etc)

___ Hair brush

___ Comb

___ Mouthwash

 HER CLOTHING LIST - numbers vary with length of trip: 

___ Formal dresses / outfits

___ Evening wrap or nice sweater

___ Blouses / tops

___ Shorts

___ Slacks

___ Capri's

___ Bras

___ Panties

___ Slips

___ Hose and socks as needed to match outfits

___ Swim suits

___ Workout wear (for use in the onboard gym)

___ Pareo wraps and/or swimsuit cover-ups

___ Caribbean style outfit for Caribbean night

___ Sleep wear

___ Robe - (If your cabin level does not provide robes or if "one size" will not fit)

___ Slippers

___ Shoes (dressy, casual, sandals, tennis, heels) _

___ Flip-flops - to wear to the pool

___ Light weight jacket / sweater

___ Scarfs

___ Belts

___ Wristlet purse (very small purse with wrist strap) to carry sign and sail card, reading glasses, lip gloss, etc. in the evenings.

___ Hat (The wind on deck is strong, so choose one that has an under the chin tie if you intend to wear it on deck. Else your hat will join mine, floating around the Caribbean somewhere.)

___ Water shoes - if planning to climb Dunn's River Falls, or similar excursion.

    If cruising to Alaska or other cold weather destination: 

___ Cold weather coat

___ Hat

___ Gloves,

___ Sweaters and

___ Sweat shirts for layering.


___ Shower cap

___ Razors

___ Shampoo (if you prefer your own brand)

___ Conditioner

___ Bar soap (if you prefer your own brand)

___ Comb & brushes

___ Q-Tip swabs

___ Contact lens fluids: case, cleaner, soaker, rinse

___ Hair styling product - gel, mousse, etc.

___ Hair spray

___ Deodorant

___ Lotion

___ Floss

___ Toothpaste

___ Toothbrush

___ Powder

___ Eye drops

___ Makeup kit

___ Feminine products

___ Hair ornaments, clips, bands, etc.

___ Hair dryer

___ Curling wand / Hair setter

___ Hand or magnifying mirror

___ Nail polish - color, clear

___ Nail polish remover pads

___ Nail file / emery board

___ Nail scissors / clipper

___ Tweezers


___ Lanyard for your Sign and Sail card

___ Large beach bag/back pack, for shore excursions

___ Small tote bag to carry items up to the pool

___ Beach towels are not needed for traditional cruise as the ships all provide them

___ Snorkel or scuba gear, or other sports gear

___ Disposable cameras, both regular/ underwater

___ Small container of Vaseline (necessary for a man with a mustache to make a snorkel mask seal across the upper lip).

___ Small (six pack) cooler (use to pack refrigerated medications during travel, then use to take a snack to the beach)

___ Dog treats to feed fish while snorkeling

___ Sun screen, pack plenty

___ Swimmer's ear plugs

___ Insect repellent

___ Aloe or after tan gel

___ Cruise Addicts drink bucket, or insulated water bottle (Fill with ice tea, etc. in the buffet area to take to the pool)

___ Large cup coffee mug or travel coffee mug (Fill with hot coffee to enjoy out on deck, on cool mornings)

___ Strong clips to secure your beach towel or swim cover-up to the lounge

       chair at the pool. Avoid arriving back at your chair, after a dip in the pool, and finding your towel or cover wrap is long gone.

___ Water safe on a string

___ Wet-one package

___ Hand sanitizer

___ Ponchos

___ Umbrella

___ Large plastic bags - Always put one in the bottom of your tote bag and camera bag. (Handy to cover these items in case of rain, or on boat excursion.)

___ Binoculars

___ Walkie-talkies - to stay in touch with travel companions while on-board the big ships

___ Compass 


___ Flag or decorations, to fly from your veranda

___ Small photo of your kids for the night stand

___ Travel alarm clock

___ Ear plugs, in case the neighbors are noisy, or if the disco is close by